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Bulletin Board » Quail Summit's Character Education and Safe School Plan

Quail Summit's Character Education and Safe School Plan

This plan (updated 2013) includes our School Rules and No-Name Calling Policy.

Quail Summit Elementary School Rules
1. Be respectful of yourself, one another, and property. Students will not use profanity or inappropriate language.
2. Listen carefully and follow directions.
3. Settle differences peacefully, talking out any problems. Think before acting.
4. Play safely – no rough play, tag, contact sports, or play fighting.
5. Walk in all areas except the playground grass area.
6. Honor the off-limit areas: trees, park equipment, park bank/hills, and bleachers.
7. Follow school playground and game rules.

Name calling and profanity are hurtful and disrespectful. Students must think about the following consequences and catch themselves before they name call and/or use profanity toward others.
1. First Offense: Parents of students using name calling or bad language will be contacted.
2. Second Offense: Students will lose recess from 1 to 5 days.
3. Third Offense: Students will be given an extended time out in the office or in another classroom.
4. Fourth Offense: Students will be officially suspended from school for 1 to 5 days. Reason for suspension will go on the student’s record.